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Some especially useful and / or fun aspects of Kiva to know about:
  • (tip: have a second screen open when you make a loan and see yours show up. One caveat, if you have chosen not to include in your public profile some detail about your location, you'll appear as living near Kiva headquarters and California, USA will appear to be more active than it really is. Stand up for your part of the world!) It's also interesting to show this screen to someone intrigued to know more about Kiva or who doesn't know they should want to know more.
  • In "my portfolio" click on portfolio, then on "estimated repayments" to see a graph and details for your loans. You can also see a list of your loans and how they stand in Your name > Portfolio >Loans
  • A way to make the most of a small amount to lend?... - sort on "repayment terms". Loans with the shortest expected time for repayment are listed first. But also check the repayment tab at the top of a loan's page. Be aware that some loans repay fairly quickly in monthly payments, but perhaps with a wait and then all in one or two payments. Short repayments mean your $ recycle more quickly. Longer term loans are equally worthy, but if your available doubloons are limited right now, you may get more positive feedback ,and stay more involved, if you emphasize shorter terms loans.
  • There are lots of ways to find interesting loans. Just one of many is to look on the team pages and click on LOANS in blue at the top, the "fundraising". This is a list of currently actively fundraising loans that at least one team member has credited to the team. Joining in helps to raise the profile of the team on that loan. It's an easy, and subversive, way to spread awareness of the Noodley One.
  • Set a lending goal for yourself and consider sharing it with the team, maybe when you set it, and maybe when you reach it. Or keep it private. But sharing gets others on the team to think about setting their own goals. Don't be shy. We may all be in different boats, but we're on the same team and interested in encouraging lending.
  • Control the volume of messages from the team and from Kiva at ... Your name (screen upper right) > Settings. At a minimum, may we suggest allowing the following:
    1. Messages from other lenders - seldom used, almost never abused, allows other Kivans to give feedback or ask a question without access to your e-mail. To send one, the sender has to have made at least one loan.
    2. Updates of Repayments: nightly digest. Most repayments are posted on the 17th or 18th of the month. A few others dribble in. Nice to know when there are repayments to recycle, to add to, or, if needs be, to reclaim.
    3. Messages posted to team boards. Your choice. A digest is good for those swamped by e-mails. Or no team messages at all. But please do check the team board now and then. The board itself , on the Kiva website, is more current than the digest, and it shows the personalities of the posters in the profile pics that are included.
  • Check out the book, The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris (freelance travel writer, & comedian, as well as decent human being). If you fantasize about visiting some of the folks you lend to on Kiva, do it the armchair way instead. Besides, it's an excellent read.
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